5 Tips to Get an Internship

Whether you’re still in school or have recently graduated, internships will be at the forefront of your mind as you start to think seriously about entering the work force. We’re talking about having your internship in one of the most powerful global economies. We’re talking about getting internships in an easy way! Read on for 5 steps to securing internships.

1. Know Where to Look for an Internship

If you want to get an internship, you may have to be very good at your job. Moreover, if the desired country is a guanxi society, you may have to develop your network of relationships. For this, you may have to be there in person. If you are not in that country already, you can use three allies: local USA companies, your school and the World Wide Web.

2. Choose a Field of Interest

You don’t have to go to the destination country with a hope to get an internship in an average company. What you need to do is set goals and be specific. When assessing your existing skills, you should be confident and be proactive. If you want to stand apart from other students, we suggest that you do your homework and read up on different fields.

You should find out what the company lacks in and then you should be ready to present your ideas for the improvement of the company. You should show your genuine interest to develop an understanding of the relevant field as well as the culture.

3. Submit your Resume

It’s a good idea to customize your resume so that it matches the organization you are going to apply for an internship in. Instead of using one and the same template for all the applications, you can write custom cover letters for each company.

If you read up on the company and become familiar with their mission and brand, you can add a personal touch. Make sure you express your willingness to move to that country. Aside from this, you should also be willing to let them know as to how much time you want to spend over there.

Tips For Your Resume

  • Include your photo
  • Write a title
  • Show your recent achievements
  • Show your grades
  • Submit a Mandarin version
  • Get your resume proofread

4. Get the Paperwork Done

Before you confirm your internship acceptance, you may want to talk about your visa options. Based on the time you are going spend in the country for internship, the visa type will be determined. If you apply with other providers, you will get help to walk through the visa application process. While they can cost a little bit more, getting their guidance is worth the extra cost.

Don’t forget to follow the visa application instructions. Your application may get rejected even if one document is missing or your passport is poorly scanned. However, you don’t have to worry as you can apply several times.

5. Apply as soon as possible

You may want to apply as soon as you can. As a matter of fact, you can save a lot of money by purchasing your ticket early. When you get there, you may want to work hard and don’t let your employer be disappointed. It’s a good idea to have a strong relationship with your colleagues.

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